Welcome to TRAX Christian Church (formerly Lowood Districts Christian Church)

Hi. Thanks for visiting our website. We hope to see you in person soon. We are a growing Spirit filled church which is based in the centre of Lowood. Right opposite the Lowood Mitre 10. That is 41 Railway St Lowood.

Services start on Sunday @ 9am. Followed by morning tea and fellowship.

We cater for all people of all generations. We love to worship God and to gather together to inspire each other to love Him and to serve Him. We are keen to see God come into the lives of people and help them to reach their full potential in God.

Some good news is that we are are looking forward to another great year this year. Last year was awesome with a continued increase in new people as well as growing deeper in love with Jesus. This year’s focus will be on Multiplication.

We have seen many miracles and countless healings. Two notable miracles were the creation of two new hip joints and the removal of pain in a teenage boy. Peter (not his real name) was soon to have surgery on both hips and the xrays showed that the ball of the hip was too small for the socket. After prayer the next set of xrays showed that he had two normal hips. No pain. Thank you Jesus. The other notable miracle was a lady who had been in fear for more than 20 years who was set free. She now leads a normal emotional life. Lots of other people had pain leave their bodies and free movement come to their limbs. ;-)

Thanks heaps.

Pastor Mike